Dasabansa Street, Rua De S.Paulo Area

Rue De. S.Paulo,Macau

One of the most popular piazzas in the town, the Rua De S Paulo Area is located close to the ruins of St. Pauls. This place is crowded with dozens of furniture and antique shops and one can find a varied range of authentic antique porcelain, ancient coins, and traditional Chinese furniture. Corner of Rua da Ressurreicao and the Ruins of St. Paul Cinema Alegria Night Market, for the shoppers looking for a budget shopping experience, Cinema Alegria Night Market is the place to head towards in Macau. Also called the Lin Kai Market, this place is famous for cheap fabrics and readymade clothes and street shops serving delicious local delicacies. So, you get to enjoy both shopping and food at this interesting market in Macau. Do add the place to your list.

Rua 25 de Março or Rua Vinte e Cinco de Março